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Our suggested 0 delivery charge would cover us personally delivering it anywhere (and dead heading back home) within 300 miles from here in Vermont to New Hampshire, Mass, Conn or New York.

We would consider other locations for an additional charge. Each key does clearly and loundly present a piano like note and each key represents a different note.

This Hooven Automatic Typewriter has its side shelves and bottom cabinet and it comes with the last paper roll it used to type its last letter many decades ago.

Due it its size and weight it would probably be best to either pick it up here in Vermont or for us to deliver it.

The Electric Blick was around for a short time and today is a very scarce machine and arguably one of the most sought after and most valued of all antique typewriters.

There was a 5% discount on lots of 500 letters, 10% discount for 1,000 letters, and 15% discount on 5,000 letters.

The relative expensive cost of the machines kept the technology from many users until Hooven established a letter typing service in New York with outlets throughout the United States where people could bring or send their letters to be "Hoovenized".

This made the technology available and affordable on a pay as you go basis.

This typewriter is in its mostly original condition and only its key cases have been restored. The keyboard includes both lower and upper case letters since the shift key wasn't invented yet.

The Calagraph model No 1 has upper case letters only while the No 2 (like this one) came out a few months later with the dual keyboard and was tauted to be quite an advancement. The Calagraph Number 1 and Number 2 each came out in the early 1880s making them very early typewriters and along with the first Hammonds were the 2nd and 3rd sucessful keyboard typewriters to enter the market about 8 years after the first typewriter (Sholes & Glidden) in 1873.

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