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Interestingly, this is the first year that Prince Harry has publicly outworked Prince William – logging 38 more engagements in the Court Circular.

Kate’s engagement numbers for 2017 weren’t terrible for her, in that she got over 100 for the third time, but she is still next to last in totals for the BRF (only Alexandra had less than Kate this year).

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The Royal Foundation was the most visited, with 11 engagements – mainly because all of those Heads Together events were as Patron of The Royal Foundation.

In the list below is the name of the royal, their total number of engagements for 2017, and the percentage of the total out of 3638 (percents have been rounded to the tenth).

I created a chart showing the engagement numbers done by each member of the family going back to 2011 when Kate joined, with color coding denoting year over year change.

They have Kate at 49 days, while I have Kate at 65.

I’ve counted and recounted my list, and I have no idea why PA’s is so off.

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