Rockefeller starts fluoridating water

Miley rose to fame as a character called Hanna Montana, which was a Disney mind-control product in the past decade.From what I gather, a normal, red-blooded American girl had a secret identity as a rock star in that particular pile of rubbish.It is intended that the Miley audience is meant to serve the desires of whomever the Hidden Hand wants.The girls who are ego-attached to Miley were also meant to see the teddy-bear t-shirt with the classic "one eye closed" - the All-Seeing Eye.

Any time you feel shock or dismay at something you see in the media, immediately turn off everything and get as far away from any media as you can.

Despite being just another pile of Disney crap, the Hanna Montana phenomenon hooked millions of teen girls, which Disney excels at doing (see the whole princess line-up).

As per formula, Disney's signature products hook young girls with the vaguely wholesome fantasy of exceptionalism and the 'prince to the rescue' garbage (the prince being of darkness, of course).

This sensitizes the girls in the audience to 'follow the bear', which is an identity code for pedophiles.

The All-Seeing Eye, of course, is the command and control structure that feeds this sickness.

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