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It's obviously not a perfect approach--when it comes to quantifying physical attractiveness, that always seems elusive. In aggregate, however, it seems like a good measure. The y-value is not exactly the mean number of reported partners for men, as response categories enter into ranges from five and up.

Participants who have had five or more partners in the last year comprise less than 4% of the total.** Men consistently report having more sexual partners than women do, despite the mathematical impossibility this presents (homosexuality cannot plausibly explain the entire gap).

Female responses (pink) are scaled so that they are comparable to male responses (blue)**.

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They decline slowly but steadily from their mid-twenties to their early-forties and then tank as they stare down menopause.For my part, looking at Maxim's Hottest 100 list of 2008 shows an average age of 27.6 years.That's probably too far to the wizened end, since building up celebrity credentials at such a high level tends to require a little time after initially being discovered.Men top out a few years later, in their mid-twenties.The high point for men in their mid-twenties isn't as far above men at other ages as the corresponding high point for women in their early-twenties is relative to women of other ages.

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