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Remained Loyal: Parvati Shallow (Day 1-39)Russell Hantz (Day 1-32; 34-39)Former: Jerri Manthey (Day 17-32; 34-38)Danielle Di Lorenzo (Day 1-33)Affiliates: Sandra Diaz-Twine (Day 27-39)Candice Woodcock (Day 30-31) Russell's Villains Alliance was the majority alliance of the Villains later during the pre-merge, and eventually post-merge during the events of Survivor: Heroes vs. Initially starting out as the minority alliance in the Villains tribe, Russell's scheming allowed his alliance to gain an edge over its rivals.

While this alliance stayed tight, members of Rob's alliance defected to Russell's.

This resulted in Jerri's votes being negated and J. The next vote went as planned with Amanda being voted out but the Heroes were in an even bigger hole because Candice flipped over to the Villains alliance in an attempt to further herself in the game.

This left Colby and Rupert furious but virtually helpless.

However, Russell convinced Tyson Apostol, who was supposed to vote for Russell, to change his vote to Parvati as Russell said that he would vote against her too to save himself and Tyson wanted Parvati out over Russell.

At Tribal Council, Russell gave the Idol to Parvati, nullifying four votes against her, and with Tyson deciding to vote against Parvati instead, Tyson blindsided himself by a 3-2-0 vote.

Interestingly, Russell voted against Courtney instead of Coach whilst Danielle and Parvati voted against Coach after insisting that voting Courtney out was essential if they wanted to win future challenges.

The three burned down the camp and set off for the Final Tribal Council.

At the Final Tribal Council, the jury questioned and lectured the final three on their strategic plays, their perceptions among the jury, what they would have done differently during the game, their loyalties, and how they played the game.

After the Immunity Challenge (where Danielle won), Parvati took her Idol plan to a whole new level. At Tribal Council, the Heroes voted against Jerri or Sandra as they believed the two were unlikely to have the Idol played for them.

But all of a sudden, when Jeff asked who wants to play their Idol(s), Parvati stood up by not playing one to herself, but by playing two Idols to the two unlikeliest Idol possessors: Jerri and Sandra. As Russell wasn't aware of Parvati's second idol, it left him furious with her.

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