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The date is wrong; the closest issues for the weekly are from May 22 and May 29.The origin evidently was a 1982 publication from Ankara's Institute of Foreign Policy, entitled "Ermeni Sorunu [Armenian Question], 9 soru 9 cevap," page 23. 98 of his 2005 "Disputed Genocide" book that 3,000 Muslims were left in Van.)"Thousands of Armenians from all over the world, flocked to the standards of such famous fighters as Antranik, Kery, Dro, etc.

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The government launched a number of expeditions against the town, but these were unsuccessful. Our artillery knocked the huts into heaps of stones and dust, and when the villages became untenable and the inhabitants fled from them into the fields, bullets and bayonets completed the work."(This excerpt refers not to Armenian atrocities against Ottoman Turks, but to "Tartar" (derogatory for "Tatar") Turks, when Armenia attacked Azerbaijan in 1918.

In the Fall of 1914, Armenian volunteer groups were formed and fought against the Turks..."Hovhannes Katchaznouni, First Prime Minister of the Independent Armenian Republic, The Manifesto of Hovhannes Katchaznouni, 1923.

(The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Has Nothing to Do Any More, New York, Armenian Information Service, 1955, p.

The warrior spirit of its armed inhabitants, and its fortress-like setting, made Zeitun a natural focus for the attention of a nationalist or revolutionary, who had seen the success of the revolts in Greece and Serbia. I have it from absolute first-hand information that the Armenians in the Caucasus attacked Tartar (Muslim) villages that are utterly defenseless and bombarded these villages with artillery and they murder the inhabitants, pillage the village and often burn the village.""We closed the roads and mountain passes that might serve as ways of escape for the Tartars (Turks), and then proceeded in the work of extermination. Regarding this period of March 30 to April 1 1918, Vladimir Lenin said that commissar S. A-69, Fih.3."There is little news from the interior save that the Russians have entered Van. The book is a daily recording of what Einstein saw, heard, received and possibly imagined with cleverly inserted passages on the Armenian massacres.

Perhaps a similar success could be gained in Cilicia..." (Christopher J. Shaumyan, the chief architect of the massacres throughout Azerbaijan, turned Baku into an Armenian operated henhouse [slaughterhouse]. The contingent is mostly composed of Armenian volunteers who fight with desperate courage, but whose excesses have shocked even the Russian commanders." Lewis Einstein, "Inside Constantinople A [Diplomat's] Diary During the Dardanelles Expedition, April-September, 1915,". Curiously, Ambassador Morgenthau is not mentioned at all.

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