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Or, if you want to focus on the poor performers, you can use a value filter to find the bottom 5 products or sales regions.

By using a Line I can use VBA to calculate its starting position and rotation as well as the color and line thickness, and then draw the hotdog. It is a shame that although I can manually select a Hot Dog and change the Line Ends to be round, this functionality hasn't been included into the VBA Object Model and so we are left with straight lines with flat ends as hotdogs. Maybe they have just been trimmed by the VBA Hotdog vendor? Buffon's Needle is a technique that uses the probability of throwing a needle onto a grid where the grid is spaced at the length of the needle. There is mathematics behind this and I am not even going and try and explain why this works, but for those interested, you can read about it here. Obviously this was crying out for an Excel implementation. Sub Draw Dogs(x1, y1, x2, y2, Hotdog Color)'Draw Hotdog Active Sheet. Add Connector(mso Connector Straight, x1, y1, x2, y2). I mean, "Who doesn't want to throw hotdogs with Excel!

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