Season 10 american idol contestants dating

Share your thoughts below on these semi-finalists and tell us who you plan to support in the coming weeks of voting and Wild Cards.

nears its end, we've decided to offer up our picks for the 10 hottest Idols of all time—the top five girls and top five guys.

After her elimination, Kim appeared in , where she met former boyfriend/Idol winner David Cook. Jennifer Hudson - Simon Cowell may have thought that this Season 3 powerhouse needed to lose a few pounds, but J-Hud embraced her curves and won over legions of fans with her spunky attitude. Megan Joy - Probably one of the quirkiest contestants in recent memory, Megan was also one of the most gorgeous.

(She did recently slim down as the Weight Watchers spokeswoman and looks even more fab-u-lous.) Simon also didn't think Jen was an "American Idol," and he turned out to be right about that. Her "who cares" attitude made her a polarizing figure during Season 8, but most would agree that she was at least always interesting.

Here the American Idol Top 14 singers are set to come together though as we now know the singers who will be part of the first viewer voting later in February.

The Judges will pick eight of the Top 10 finalists leaving the audience to vote on which of the discarded talent were overlooked and should be part of the final stretch as Wild Cards.

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With the contestants singing in different teams the eliminations were a different beast.

And it didn't hurt that she was like a hotter, taller version of Reese Witherspoon.

is ready to begin on Fox, and this will be the show’s final season.

Not surprisingly, that face has also led Kat to a movie career. Haley Scarnato - Every season has that one contestant who overstays their welcome.

Season 6 had two—Sanjaya and Haley—but at least Sanjaya was fun to watch.

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