Sedating dogs at home

Sun: OK, I grant you that it's a valid question, but I've tried bribing her with treats, trying to do one at a time spread out over a day, and giving her lots of petting in between nails. So, as a male who's worried about hammering out the problem rather than discussing how I feel about the problem, I would have appreciated a response like rather than making it seem like this is something that's just popped up in the last 10 days, and that I'm looking for a common household product to dose her with in order to clip her nails.If you note the OP, I asked if anyone else had the problem and how to overcome it.Once you reach that spot, then you up the ante for her. Now in order to get a treat, the clippers have to be visible AND she has to let you hold her paw with your other hand, without her taking the paw away. Remember -- very short sessions, no more than 3 minutes in length, or 10 treats long.

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That is until we tried to clip her nails, then She did her best Cujo impersonation...I admit that I should have used different language around the "doggy Valium" to denote that it was my last option. Canis: I have the clippers in the first link, so it's not that I'm trying to do the job with human toenail clippers.I think she just hates the feeling of the SNAP of the clippers. What you're dealing with here can be broken down into two parts: changing your dog's reaction to having her nails clipped, and then training her to remain still while the clipping occurs.We give her one tablet (not sure the mg..what the vet told us to do)--she is about 40lbs. Our dog loves to go on rides, but he immediately starts whining/yelping when we start to drive (something about the drive bothers him). Of course, then he only gets his nails trimmed every once in a while, and it isn't often enough.After years of not clipping my dog's nails, the quick started growing long enough that it wasn't really feasible to cut the nails as far back as we'd've liked.

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