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While synonymous with gaming, Sony said the Play Station Network had evolved to become a "comprehensive digital entertainment brand".

A master account allows full access to all settings, including parental controls. for children) with desired restrictions set by the master account holder.

In June 2011, Sony launched a "Welcome Back" program following the outage, allowing all PSN subscribers who joined prior to April 20 to download two free Play Station 3 titles and two free Play Station Portable games.

Users also received 30 free days of Play Station Plus, while users who were already subscribed before the outage got 60 free days.

You will not be entitled to a refund of your initial payment if you cancel after the first 14 days of the start of your subscription If you would like to cancel and it has been more than 14 days since the start of your subscription, please call Customer Services on 08 (free from a landline) or 020 7022 6620 (charged at your network providers standard rate).

Call us Monday – Fri 8am to 7pm or at the weekends 9am to 6pm.

Exclusive Discounts – Always get the best deal with exclusive discounts. Both host and friend must be PSN Friends and online at the same time.

Both services were flooded with millions of inauthentic connection requests, making it hard for genuine users to establish a connection.

Five years later during the development stage for its third home console, the Play Station 3, Sony expressed their intent to build upon the functionality of its predecessor by creating a new interconnected service that keeps users constantly in touch with a "Play Station World" network.

Sony launched an optional premium subscription service on top of the free PSN service in June 2010.

Launched in November 2006, PSN was originally conceived for the Play Station video game consoles, but soon extended to encompass smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray players and high-definition televisions.

As of April 2016, over 110 million users have been documented, with 70 million of them active monthly.

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