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Subsamples of juvenile pink () salmon were frozen whole for laboratory analyses of food habits, otolith hatchery thermal marks (pink and chum salmon), and genetic analysis (chum salmon).

Tissues and otoliths were also saved from immature and maturing chum salmon to determine stock distribution and migration of these salmon.

Midwater trawl nets have very large front openings to herd schooling fish toward the back end where they become trapped in the narrow "broiler".

The sides of the deployed net are spread horizontally with two large metal foils, called "doors," positioned in front of the net.

Modeled tidal currents will be removed from ADCP measurements to reveal the mean flow fields.

At each trawl site, temperature and salinity profiles will provide water-column properties, and bongo-net hauls will give zooplankton distributions.

Stomach samples from juvenile salmonids will be analyzed in the laboratory for diet composition and compared with zooplankton distributions.

There are many reasons why a cookie could not be set correctly.Annual, summer cruises aboard a chartered fishing vessel will catch juvenile salmon on 10 transects between Yakutat Bay and Kodiak Island.The vessel will be outfitted with a thermosalinograph to measure sea-surface temperature and salinity, and with an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) - each operating continuously for fine-scale resolution.Retrospective analysis of catch per unit effort versus oceanographic and prey factors will reveal what affects the distribution of pink, chum, coho and sockeye salmon in the study region.Proxies for bio-physical factors will be developed and compared with salmon-run size." Data Collection Details: Types: CTD profiles, ADCP profiles of ocean current, juvenile salmonid catch statistics from trawls, salmonid stomach samples analyzed for diet composition, salmonid otolith analyses, Genetic Stock Identification, zooplankton distributions from bongo-net hauls Platform: Chartered fishing vessel Spatial extent: 10 transects perpendicular to the coast between Yakutat Bay and Kodiak Island Temporal extent: ~2 weeks each July-August of 2001-2004.

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