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The University of Illinois at Springfield is pleased to provide this list of campus community members who have agreed to make themselves available to share insight and perspective on a variety of issues — from the globally important to the more narrowly focused — with clubs, professional groups and other organizations, and with the media.

Provides that law enforcement officers, in an effort to assist the Department of Children and Family Services in child protective investigations in its response to repor...

Provides that a consumer reporting agency may not impose a charge on a consumer for placing a freeze, removing a freeze, or temporarily lifting a freeze. Provides that a person commits the offense when he or she is a streetgang member or is in the company of or acting in concert with a str... Provides that when the victim is under 18 years of age at the time of the offense, a prosecution for female genital mutilation may be commenced at any time. Provides that a person commits the offense when, having personal or professional management or control of commercial real estate, wheth...

Proposes to amend the Legislature Article of the Illinois Constitution.

Provides that the Department of Agriculture shall identify and track geographical areas in this State that are food deserts. Defines "recording device" and "broadcast equipment". Provides for a continuing appropriation for each State agency to meet personnel expenditures for each payroll period during which appropriations for... Provides that a person also commits aggravated battery when, in committing a battery, other than by the discharge of a firearm, he or she knowingly causes great bodily harm or permanent di... Provides an exemption to the Act for a law enforcement agency that is using a drone to prepare for or monitor safety and security at a large-scale event, if drone usage is li... Changes the classification of Hydrocodone from a Schedule II controlled substance to a Schedule I controlled substance.

Amends the Illinois Optometric Practice Act of 1987 to ... Provides that a person commits custodial sexual misconduct when he or she is an employee of a law enforcement agency and engages in sexual conduct or sexual penetration with a person who i...

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