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From the camera’s point-of-view, the stallion’s thick cock was now saturated in her hot, marinated juices, trickling down the length of his piston which then dripped from his tool, his sheath and his huge balls which swung freely like a boxer’s punching bag.I did many different camera angles: underneath, front, the horses’ facial expressions, and behind.The stallion slide off the mare, his cock popped out of her cunt with a splash of cum. I shot a load so hard it hurt, the hot sperm splattering on the towel that I gripped so hard and bit into.I quickly went behind the mare and opened the lips apart to get a very extreme close-up of the sperm trickling out of her used cunt.“That’ll do for today. Just gotta check that the exposure was correct on TV.” I said. My cock was now pulsing so painfully horny that I ran to my borrowed room; video rewinding in its camera. Another shot of cum was now pure ecstasy as I screamed into my towel as waves and waves of sperm splashed from my cock that I was no longer jacking but I now bucked and pumped my hips.The stallion was now drowned in ecstasy, his eyes were tightly closed, his nostrils flared so wide that another horse could have fucked his nose, and his teeth were bared and were clenched so hard he could cut metal.All this while the stallion screamed onto the mare’s shoulder; pumping his rod so deep and so fast inside her hot, wet and very tight rump. She just had to stand there receiving her back massage, possible multiple orgasms while the male just gets the one, screaming at the fire being stoked between her legs.I imaged myself fucking the stallion deep inside the only unused hole. I found an unlocked door and parted it slightly to get the view clear for the recording camera. The view was side on with the action and not only was the wife bent over piles of hay, sucking off the stallion, there was a bull behind her and a Billy-goat next to her as well!!

The man was the owner of this farm that I was invited to. “Try to keep him still.” I said as I stood next to the side of the stallion’s stomach.

I took many different shots of the genitals: of the massive balls close up, scanning slowly along the gigantic cock giving a very detailed close-up, a behind and under the horse shot showing the cock, balls and asshole, etc. I walk over behind the mare, and yes she is hot for it!

Her cunt is ‘winking’ (her cunt entrance opens and closes giving a stallion an open invitation).

Got inside my room, locked the door, shut the blinds, stop the winding tape wherever it was, put the tape in the player I then started, TV on, striped off cloths and underwear and grabbed a towel. I pumped my hot seed into the towel again and again, scream after scream, tears poring from my eyes. It was when I was closing the blind when I saw the wife of the man who owns this farm.

The TV screen revealed that I had started the tape in the middle of the steamy horse mating section, my cock was blood red and rock hard and wet with precum, and just hearing the horses’ erotic moans again sent me closer towards my orgasm. The sperm bubbled around in my balls, sending me into the heated depths of ecstasy I’ve never reached before. The storm finally slowed to a trickle as I looked at my saturated towel. The video had finished and rewound and was waiting for its next instructions. I should have mentioned her before; she had the job of keeping the mare steady during the mating session.

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