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But on the flip side of this coin, it can be an extremely disappointing feeling to go out with the intention of getting a one-night stand and then, sadly, falling short.

And droves of men unfortunately experience this frustration on a nightly basis.

, I Would Love To Hear About What You Was Doing When The New Year Started.

I Was Quite Drunk Last Night, Didn’t Get To Sleep Until 5am, And Have Needed The Entire Day To Recover.

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maybe you’d like to take me out in the back garden, we could end up naked entwined, writhing with passion under the moon light in the middle of the lawn or maybe you could take me from behind over the patio table?( because being a typical man, they would never turn down the offer of having sex) 🙂 or maybe that’s just the men I know lol, The sex I have had outdoors has just happened in the heat of the moment, A mans never suggested doing it outside to me.A few have been into dogging but that was it being more of a moresome thing for them. I know a couple of my female friends do really get turned on when being watched, feedback on this would be very appreciated I am very interested to know. Don’t forget you can see all Hi Everyone, Just wanted to wish all my blog visitors a very happy new year, hope that 2015 brings you all good health , happiness and most of all some or better still LOTS of great sex 🙂 ( to ensure the great sex happens for you, you can always arrange a meet with me 🙂 ) I’m always ready for some. When it comes to dirty talk and getting each other turned on, one of the safest ways to do it is through text messages. Well, for one, you don’t have to come up with something to say right in the heat of the moment.You can take your time and think about what you want to say to him. So many women feel awkward trying to dirty talk in the moment.

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