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So I just had to get comfortable with that." ) and the album's title cut that she has called "one of the most honest songs about marriage." Asked her thoughts regarding the motivation to write such revealing material, Moorer said, "I think it's just about examining the what and the why and the how. Along with the nomination came an invitation to sing on the live telecast that aired March 21, 1999. Only a billion people watch the show, that's all.' And so, you know, I hadn't done that much TV," Moorer said. So by the time it rolled around, I was mentally prepared. And so I paid really close attention to how he worked when I got to be around him.

That's what interests me about writing is, you know, I have to do that in order to process or figure out how I feel. "But because I knew it was gonna be the Oscars, I started to sort of meditate on it and visualize how I wanted the performance to go. So I wasn't just, you know, out-of-my-mind nervous. And it made a really big impact on me to see someone be that intentional about their work.

And I mean that I can't go tour with this record for six months straight. I have a son, he needs me home, and that's my first priority. "And the other part of it was I wasn't sure after being away for a while that I wanted to talk about myself and talk about these songs because sometimes it's painful to rip the scab off.

But I somehow got my head around that and realized, well I knew, I've always known it was part of the job. You know, that's all I have to say about it." Married to Earle in August 2005 just before the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in Lyons, Colorado, where they both performed, Moorer moved to New York to enter another phase of her career that began with a bang in Nashville as one of country music's most promising stars.

Maybe an industry that encourages putting good ol' boys together with drinking and truck-driving songs wasn't quite ready to delve into the darkest sides of a daring woman with honest-to-goodness substance who could deliver such a hard-hitting concept album.

At least the Americana Music Association recognized Moorer's talent with an artist of the year nomination in 2004.

But, for the most part, I'm pretty happy." Moorer did seem at ease while discussing -- among other significant subjects -- her return to the music world as she prepares for the release of two months before John Henry.

The powerful Kenny Greenberg-produced record, coming out March 17 (e One Nashville), courageously addresses her split from outlaw countryman Steve Earle and her son's autism that was officially diagnosed in early 2012.

Saying it was "good to be home," a grateful Moorer -- front and center, back where she belongs -- announced the news of the long-awaited album during a 42-minute showcase while adding, "I wasn't even sure there would ever be one." Yet as difficult as it was to put her career on hold while raising John Henry and dealing with divorce, Moorer wants to make it clear that she never intended to give up the music business.

I was OK." Recalling that moment as a 26-year-old, Moorer said, "Well, can you believe that was 16 years ago? He knew exactly what he was doing, he knew exactly what he wanted and he knew exactly how to get it.

And had surrounded himself with people that he trusted in order to carry out that vision.

So I was quite inspired by that part of it." Oscar, though, wasn't kind to Moorer, who lost out to "When You Believe" from , which was performed that night by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Being around movie stars and that whole Hollywood thing was interesting.

Still, Moorer said, it was "a really cool experience. And I figured out it was sort of like the music business but on a much bigger, richer scale.

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