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A trial date has been set for Margaret Shively, a former Newburgh substitute teacher. Shively is facing charges of strangulation and battery of a person under 14 years old with bodily injury.The alleged crime happened while Shively was substitute teaching at Sharon Elementary School in Newburgh Since the incident, she has been removed from her substitute teaching job permanently.The pragmatic designer Mary Jo Shively, a recent divorcee raising two children, and the sweet-natured but somewhat naïve office manager Charlene Frazier (later Stillfield) are initial investors and coworkers.Mary Jo and Charlene are long-time best friends (they were neighbors in Charlene's apartment building).Although it was a traditional comedy, and often included broad physical comedy, Designing Women was very relevant (particularly in episodes written by Bloodworth-Thomason herself), and featured discussions of controversial topics such as homophobia, racism, dating clergy, AIDS, hostile societal attitudes towards the overweight, and spousal abuse.

Kyle may have been in love with her for the past decade or so — but as far as Kate is concerned, he is strictly in the friend zone.

Her rapid-fire speeches and passionate beliefs earned her the nickname "The Terminator". Despite her disagreements with Suzanne, she often stands up for her against people who insult her.

Early on in the series, she disagrees with her son, Payne, who dates an older woman.

Her younger sister, Suzanne Sugarbaker, is a thrice-divorced, rich, flashy, often self-centered, former Miss Georgia World.

They are constantly at personal odds, but have launched Sugarbaker and Associates Designs, an interior design firm, after the death of Julia's husband, Hayden Mc Ilroy.

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