Signing and dating art prints

Dating back at least 40,000 years, humans have created drawings as both a form of artistic expression and communication.

Before the invention of writing, people used pictography--a system of communication using a series of drawn icons resembling actual physical objects.

Watercolor pencils, however, can be used both dry (like normal pencils) and wet (like watercolor paint), depending on the artists’ preferences and desired effects.

The type of paper chosen will also affect both the appearance and longevity of a drawing.

Makes a great anniversary gift, a save the date, or a keepsake for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

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Browse original drawings by style, subject, and medium now, or get personalized one-on-one help by taking advantage of our Art Advisory service.

Designed to withstand daily wear and tear, this keychain displays designs, text, and photos in vibrant clarity and brilliant colors.

This keychain is designed for a photo of your choice on the bottom, a set of initials in the upper left hand corner, and a date for the upper right!

But only person who really knows what the vow or the hope is, is the person who makes it.

The prayer flag tradition has a long continuous history dating back to ancient Tibet, China, Persia, India and Sri Lanka.

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