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One couple got out of their seats and left together after 30 seconds of staring into each others' eyes.” Crikey – what have I let myself in for?The evening starts with an hour of warm up games – encouraging flirtation and interaction with the opposite sex – but no talking.Time after 4-minute allocated time, I found myself face-to-face with men who couldn't look me in the eye.They stumbled over their words, and acted as if they'd never spoken to a woman before.And it seems the hot, normal, single men of London have begun applying the same approach to singles events. Go to a dating event for the experience, or to visit a venue you've never been to before.Forget about the single aspect for a second, and simply ask yourself if it whether will be a fun, or funny, way to spend your evening.I enjoy Tinder as much as the next girl, but I've been dating long enough to know, that you can never really tell if you fancy someone until you meet him in person.Last year I began a challenge where I did 30 Blind Dates before turning thirty.

In 2014, the kind of men who speed date are men who wouldn't go to a pub for any other reason.

At one event, I watched in awe as a girl raised her date card above her head, and demonstratively tore it to shreds at the end of the evening. An idea which guys will joke about in the office, and try out, just for a laugh.

Whilst I've never left speed dating early, or shown my disappointment quite that visually, I did have a rather awkward encounter, where my date broke down in tears two minutes in, declaring 'Oh God, I'm so out of my comfort zone! Bizarrely, it's the most odd singles events which attract the most normal of daters. Because whilst the man of your dreams might not be keen to admit to speed dating, if you add in the extra element of a cable car ride, a trek over the O2, or a man-made igloo at the top of the Shard, suddenly he's happy to tell the world about it.

It’s how I explain myself, it’s how I make a first impression on people, and it’s how I express who I am and who I want to be.

Basically, I find it really hard to keep my mouth shut.

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