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To explain, in many of these top 10 markets (and particularly in Asia) social networking began as Facebook became popular, with services like Friendster and Hi5 the first to garner a sizeable audience at the same time that Facebook was beginning its early growth in the US, UK and other western markets.

Once Facebook’s word-of-mouth got beyond these western areas and into Asia around 2008/2009, social networkers were already well established (as a genre) meaning that users began began abandoning Friendster, Hi5 and others they had been using in favour of Facebook, large numbers of already established peer networks moved over them building huge momentum and awareness in their markets.

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Social network penetration in Indonesia is the third greatest in Southeast Asia as of the beginning of 2011, at 90% of those people online.

According to com Score, the country’s high adoption rates are due “almost exclusively” to Facebook.

I’ve not had the opportunity to check through the figures yet but the Philippines is often heralded as the Facebook Capital of the World, while Indonesia and Malaysia are equally as well known for strong social media usage.

UPDATE: as raised in comments, although The Philippines has the highest proportion of users per population, Indonesia’s capital Jakarta has the largest Facebook population of any city in the world (17.5 million users).

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