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These data sets were used to develop time-weighted average populations for the 62 counties/parishes in 2005.

The county population estimates implemented in the NCI SEER*Stat software for the calculation of cancer incidence and mortality rates are available for download (see Download U. The population estimates incorporate intercensal (for July 1, 2000-2009) and new Vintage 2016 (for July 1, 2010-2016) bridged single-race estimates that are derived from the original multiple race categories in the 20 Censuses.

They represent a modification of the intercensal and Vintage 2016 annual time series of July 1 county population estimates by age, sex, race and Hispanic origin produced by the U. Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program, in collaboration with the National Center for Health Statistics, and with support from the NCI through an interagency agreement.

The following steps were taken: The 2000-2016 estimates received from the Census Bureau included population estimates for new counties in Alaska established in June 2008.

Petersburg Census Area, Wrangell City and Borough, Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area, Ketchikan Gateway Borough were derived from Wrangell-Petersburg Census Area, Prince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Census Area and Ketchikan Gateway Borough.

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