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Looking to meet somebody relatively 'normal' and stable. Although, as i have matured, i have become more of an ambivert (extrovert introvert). Where Yes We can acheive our goals if we want it bad enough.

Hope you all meet your fitness goals in this new year.

That really gets me going and motivated to keep up with him in the outdoors. About Me: middle age guy getting serious about my fitness, I. I enjoy walks/jogs on the beach and getting to know others.

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(Sorry to be so opinionated, but must be honest---you see why I am still single.) IT IS IMPORTANT THAT Y... If you are into tech, gizmos, photography, cinema, learning foreign languages (already speak 4 with different fluency levels), contemporary architecture, sci-fi and/or 'serious' drama cinema... Couldn't care less about you been masculine, butch, ... One of my interest is power training, Health food art and reading books. Also a nice guy ( work out partner ) to work out together ore more in Fort Lauderdale. Generally go for guys over 5'10" that are muscular and/or beefy....really enjoy guys over 190# that are physically strong and work hard at improving themselves.continue reading » Kada je u pitanju sama profil, budite uusiseelanti sigurni da ispunite cijelu stvar.To moze izgledati zamorno ili tesko opisati sebe, ali ostavljajuci sekcije prazan ili stavlja u kratkom, genericki odgovora cini da izgleda kao da niste.…Submit to your Fem Domme practicing the arts of cuckold, sissy training and cbt.A seductive BBW committed to the skill of Domination.

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