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The commentary mentions ‘compass west’ which is the actual direction of travel, and ‘timetable west’ which is the nominal direction. One summer in the mid to late ‘sixties I remember my Dad, a West Yorkshire driver, saying that he had performed a duplicate on the 84 Harrogate-York-Scarborough service.His trusty steed was an ‘SBW’ (Bristol LWL6B/ECW B39R) and I’d assumed he would have been disappointed at the prospect of having to drive such an ‘old’ bus, heading up towards it’s retirement, over such a distance.

Arrival at our Calshot office necessitated laying the free-standing coke stove and getting it going before work started. The return journey on Fridays usually involved the Southdown 45 route which went all the way from Warsash to Southsea.

Roger Cox mentions his time at Alverstoke which, although many of the present residents refuse to acknowledge it, is actually in Gosport and east of Fareham.

A strange situation applies at Fareham, which used to have two signal boxes.

Not only were they supremely handsome and "tidy", but within there could never have been anything finer – wide gangways, useful luggage racks, excellent stairs and sliding doors, good visibility, and easy passenger flow even with standing customers – that barmy over the top trendy term means passengers, customers patronise shops !!

At Ilkley we had EB2/3 (31 seat luxury), SGL 14 (slim) and SBW 17/26/33.

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