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We can’t believe how we met, but it added a great twist to our wedding speeches and will make a brilliant story to tell the Grandchildren. My hubby even managed to slip "4 minutes is all it takes" into his speech! We met at a Slow Dating event in Leeds in March, got engaged in December and married in June.

Thank you Slow Dating we wouldn't have met each other if it wasn't for the event!

" "We married three years to the day after we met at a Speed Dating evening. Amanda moved in with me, and in June we got married in New Jersey.

As you may remember, I was a bit unsure as to whether to go or not on the night, so thanks for talking me into going. Many thanks for setting up Slow Date and helping Amanda and I meet.” "I attended an event in September and met the love of my life.

” "Thanks to you, I fortunately met my lovely husband Speed Dating in Leeds.

I was so nervous I almost backed out of the whole event at the last minute. I proposed to him on his 40th birthday, then 18 months later, we got married this year ~ thank you for giving us our happy ever after! Thank you so much Slow Dating - Who thought 4 minutes could lead to a lifetime of happiness.” "Had it not been for the speed dating experience I would not have met my husband, and we regularly wow our friends with tales of our meeting, who are amazed at our courage and nerve to do it, and probably secretly rather jealous! Both of us came to your Reading event exceedingly sceptical, and now we are married and have a beautiful baby girl.

I never expected this when I went Slow Dating, so thanks for making our lives complete." "Slow Dating really works!! 2 months after meeting at a Slow Dating event we were on holiday in Italy, 5 months after that engaged and now we are married.

All it took was 4 minutes to know this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with! We met up for a drink and chat soon after the slow date, and our relationship grew from there.

At the end of the event, all the girls stayed for another drink and were chatting about our evening.

” "I met my new husband Speed Dating in Birmingham. ” "Dave and I met at a slow dating event in London. It was Dave's first event but my second, a freebie since I hadn't met anyone I wanted to re-contact at an earlier event, so it just goes to show that if at first you don't succeed....!

” "Tom and I met at a Speed Dating event at in London.

I never thought it would be possible to meet my soul mate at a speed dating event!

” "No one believes that we met through speed dating-but it really does work! It really boosted my confidence after the event as i was convinced that no one would tick that they wanted to meet up with me again, but loads did!

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