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Alternatively, you could ask them to follow on with identifying one person from their table that they would like to work with, based on their strengths and experience being different to their own.Of course, you could also then have two or three volunteers share who and why they’d work with to the wider group. You fill each cup up with water and talk about how we are all like these paper cups.whatever the overriding subject of the workshop is.I then go around the room and ask each person share their name and a brief description of their role (for my benefit, if they all work together) and tell us, in a couple of sentences, why they chose the card they did.Divide participants into groups of three or four and ask them to think about a peak experience of whatever the topic is (e.g.the best meeting you ever attended – or if that’s too hard, how about a reasonably successful meeting in the last month?I might say “if you were going to tell us about yourself, draw what you would like us to know (family, hobbies, sports teams, favorite stores/brands, school, etc…).” When they finish their pictures they explain what everything means to the participant next to them.The pairs then introduce the rest of the class to their new “friend.” Really helps to open them up on a first day in training with strangers.

I recently organised an icebreaker for a group of about 60 or 70 HR people and the feedback was really positive.You need to know how the skills of your colleagues will complement or support your own skill set.You have two minutes per person to do three tasks: We decided to leave the conversation there as there was a related exercise later in the meeting to build in the learning of their colleague’s skills.I will take the card and move it round the group (almost always seated in a large U shape for my workshops) so that everyone can look at it while the speaker is sharing. Ability to share ‘through’ the picture choice, which allows for less personal exposure — not saying ‘I’m not good at xxx’ but rather ‘I chose this card because it represents times when I xxx” 4. curiosity level of group is high when they see what cards others have chosen. Allows me to observe how comfortable they are with public speaking and what sort of audience members they are when others are sharing 6.I might echo their reasons or get clarification if I need it as I stick it up on the wall. Facilitating the grouping of challenges helps the group to identify commonalities and helps us all identify what we need to work on during the session.

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