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I know I’ve just created hell for myself because in addition to I love you in Sinhala, I’ve given my girlfriend plenty of lines to annoy me with for months to come.But in all sincerity, I’ll admit that somewhere deep down underneath my grimaces and the layers of ‘cringiness’ inside, there’s a part of me that actually likes it when she brings this element of romance into the relationship.

This stereotype thinking hinders the emancipation process; - Discrimination (for example differences in salary, there are more men in management roles); - Preferences in studies and professions are often gender related (there are more women in languages and social studies while more men choose for technology and the exact sciences); - Unwanted intimacy especially at the workplace (the #Me Too movement followed soon after the public revelations of sexual misconduct allegations against the American film producer Harvey Weinstein).

It gives you financial independence but more importantly your self-esteem will improve and your cognitive abilities will develop.

In my psychology practice I hear many stories from (Sri Lankan) women.

It’s important to be aware of unequal situations and not to accept them as “this is how it is in our society”.

Although cultural changes go slow, it will happen if enough people get informed and become motivated.

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