Stag dating

That’s right, you come here, you see someone you like, you fix a date. There’s no reason to join the site if you’re not up for dates and flirting with someone who fancies you.

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Hay rides, cowboys, and assless chaps...sounds like someone has a fantasy they need to play out. When i was best man for my cousin a couple of years ago --- the groomsman all went to Phoenix Arizona for 4 days of golf and R and R (stupid drinking and partying)...we all drove to Vegas for 3 days where we met up with all the bosy from Vancouver for some fun (stupid drinking and partying and gambling) -- it was 5 of us who drove from Phoenix to Vegas and another 14 who flew down to Vegas from Vancouver for the weekend.

The golfing/paintball combo sounds like a winner so far... I think you have to do the road trip if its a close group of friends!!!

Of course, privacy is important while meeting people online, that’s why we make sure our data security system is up to date.

Makes an interesting stag target for paintball.....did have a helmet with stag horns, but guys kept getting them caught on low branches.

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