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I lived in British Columbia for 22yrs, when I moved back to my hometown 6500kms away. I love my beautiful island of Cape Breton, but I love my son more and miss him with all my heart.

#Kraft Bear Hugs my son Matt and his beautiful girlfriend Sarah.#kraftbearhugs My niece and I had so much fun doing a photo shoot with her KRAFT bears she received for Christmas in 2015.

She often has difficulty with separation anxiety and doesnt want to leave my side.

I would love these bears to give her one and I have one so she knows we are always connected.#Kraft Bear Hugs my daughter wants to hug her daddy.

We are close but as I grew older we are not always living together due to school, coop, and maybe work in the future.

When we miss each other #kraftbearhugs can help us hug each other and send our love when we are apart (or traveling)!

So when he goes on a business trip he can squeeze it and she will know he's thinking of her. She was so happy to see him when he got home he wasn't allowed to out her down for at least 20 mins.

♥️#Kraft Bear Hugs I have two beautiful granddaughters that live in British Columbia and I live in Ontario so bear hugs do not come very often. I would absolutely send my other bear to my sister and my baby niece.

Although my #Crunchie is on the other side of the #Pacific in #Manila #Phillipines due to work commitments, #Smoothie and I still want to send him #Kraft Bear Hugs and #Celebrate the #Holiday season together.

He had to leave ontario and move to alberta for work; He has missed watching our little girl's first everythings.

She is a year old and a special hug from daddy would mean so much to her.

They are getting older and both have battled cancer as I send this my dad is currently in hospital.

Four years ago I left the island and the biggest struggle was leaving them behind.

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