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But this is an opportunity to allow God to mature us. “the right fit.” Finding the Right Fit Realistically, our congregation’s musical tastes are as diverse as the number of radio stations on the dial.

Here is where that “perfect fit” philosophy can change seats with a new line of thought . Within that mix dwells our own preferences as well as the God-given responsibility of bringing them all together on Sunday in one united chorus of praise.

No Such Thing as Perfect So, should our vocational goal in ministry be to find “the perfect fit”?My response must have been one of those rare moments.I know that in the flesh, my soulish man would have at least considered the question a little bit longer before answering.When someone expresses an opinion about musical preferences or likes and dislikes, how often is it based on a chart or graph or the latest statistics? Musical expression is so much about the heart and emotions and feelings.Along the same line of thought, when a music minister is asked to make a philosophical or stylistic change in their format, up go the hackles of personal preference.

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