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Her sharp-tongued comments often brought aspiring performers to tears, which earned her the title of Poisonous Tongue and made her an even more beloved TV personality. So I have no problem adopting.” Her family once again stood by her choice.

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I wanted to become a woman, but I didn't want to be handicapped. Maybe I needed to sacrifice more to get to what I wanted. If it was so easy, everyone would do it.” Her military experience proved to be useful and her own resilience paid off: after being released from the hospital in 1995, Jin immediately began intense physical therapy.

In interviews he has also highlighted the problem in the government’s decades-long experiment: the one-child policy.

According to Wu, for over three decades, such nation-wide population control, the restriction of only allowing one child in a family, has led to cosseting and too much intervention by the family into the child’s adult life, including around marriage, career, and other major life choices.

Over the following year she made a full recovery and eventually — and rather miraculously — returned to the stage as a woman. She founded her own modern dance troupe in Shanghai, and her story brought her nationwide fame.

She was invited to be a judge on a local version of the show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.

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