Travelling alone can be intimidating and lonely

) I've already written about the realities of solo female travel, and have made suggestions for places to go on your first solo trip.But, when “danger” is involved, I realize some people want even more reassurance.

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Not only does this make me feel more comfortable since I know I won't be offending anyone with what I'm wearing, but it also tends to cut down on the catcalls and other unwanted attention.My goal is to inspire people to be curious and adventurous and find ways to fit more travel into the lifestyle they already have.They say childhood is when you form deep wounds that carry over into adulthood and affect your behavior.Reading up on common scams is also a must for me — it helps me pinpoint potential scammers before they have a chance to fool me, and it also makes me more confident when going somewhere new.For example, I read about the “bracelet scammers” that hang out near Sacre Coeur in Paris, and therefore knew to keep my wrists and arms out of reach whenever I walked by them.

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