Tuscaloosa dating

In fact, many of the decisions brides struggle with were easy for Charlotte.

Project Runway alum and BFF Heidi Elnora designed Charlotte’s wedding gown.

Friends and family gathered at Ted’s Garage on the auspicious date of 11-11-11 for Jessica and Ryan’s Birmingham reception. When he couldn’t locate it, they both realized that the cleaning crew must have tossed the box.

Jessica wore her wedding gown for the first part of the evening and then changed into a shimmering silver beaded dress so she could join her guests on the dance floor. Needless to say, David’s dad had the chore of sorting through the dumpster to find that box. But after all of that, David decided that wasn’t THE ring he wanted for Charlotte.

The couple and both families flew down to the Bahamas a few days before the ceremony to spend some quality time together before the wedding. And then fate made a little magic as the two ran into each other for the first time in a long time. both were single, neither was dating anyone, and both were very interested in the other. Charlotte got up the nerve and asked David out on a date.

She found the perfect gown from California designer Monique Lhullier from Ivory & White in Crestline Village. It was nothing special, just your typical night out with friends.Since many of their friends were going to have to fly in for the wedding, the couple decided it would be best if they selected a wedding city with lots to offer in terms of entertainment, food, and fun.Charlotte and David both love the food, flavors, culture, and sounds of New Orleans so it was an “easy” decision for them.He selected the perfect spot to pop the question and managed to get Jessica there without suspicion. but when he realized his parents and Jessica’s parents were scheduled to attend a basketball game together later that night, he decided he needed to go ahead and propose before his parents could spill the beans.They ordered a drink as Ryan waited for the perfect moment. Jessica was completely unaware that Ryan was about to propose and she spoiled the moment by telling Ryan she needed to find a restroom. On their way to dinner, Ryan found a secluded spot under the stars and asked Jessica to be his wife.

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