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Lycanthropy can be cured by purchasing the Lycanthropic-B potion from the obedience trainer, or from the gypsy if Nightlife or Free Time is installed. After , Shift-click on the lot mailbox, select NPC, and then choose Leader of the Pack.Unlike Vampires with the Vamprocillin-D potion, visiting Werewolf Sims cannot be influenced to drink Lycanthropic-B, and must either be directed to do so on their home lot or taken control of via a game hack. After a certain amount of time, the wolf will appear at the edge of the lot, and Sim can begin forging a positive relationship with the beast.Sims with any other aspiration are exactly the opposite, fearing becoming a werewolf and wanting to be cured if turned. Note that pregnant Werewolf Sims are unable to savage. Werewolves can fight burglars, and will always win after the fight.Interestingly, even if a Sim wants to become a werewolf, once they do, it will always appear as a negative memory. Also, if a Werewolf has a custom skintone when in normal-Sim form, they usually won't get the hairy Werewolf skin at night. Werewolves, much like zombies, walk differently during the night. Players finding it difficult to attract the leader of the pack to their lot by normal means (additional trees, bushes), and who wish to begin the path to becoming a werewolf, can use testingcheatsenabled to summon the wolf.Sims can become Werewolves when bitten by the leader of the pack, a large wolf distinguishable by its dark coat, heavy build, and characteristic glowing yellow eyes. Lycanthropy can also be transferred using the Savage interaction, though that will leave two bad memories - one of losing a fight to the Sim who initiated the savaging, and another for becoming a werewolf - and it is common for the victim to mourn for a while because of that, despite wanting to become a werewolf.Once a Sim has become a Werewolf, they will transform every night at PM/.

A Werewolf Sim can howl when selected, an action which lowers the bladder need of all non-Werewolf Sims in the room by half.

When outside, a Werewolf can also howl to summon wolves to the lot. interaction which can be used against another Sim regardless of relationship and will lower his or her Bladder need.

Werewolf Sims can even turn other Sims into Werewolves with the Savage interaction.

The subsequent urination creates enough embarrassment for the werewolves to escape from the scene in one piece.

The nightly transformation causes an extremely fast 'big crunch' metabolism in the stomach to create Energy, change chemicals in the brain and facilitates the growth of hair all over the body, along with tinted irises, all at once, within a few seconds, leaving the werewolf hungry and onlookers scared and confused.

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