Updating active directory

We will not ask you for your e-mail address, telephone number, or first born; all you have to do is download the software.And, if you run in to problems and have a question, we will give you the same great support we give our customers.Once complete click the 'Updates' in the tree view.

You can download a fully functional from the Product Downloads page of our Web site; the evaluation will be fully functional for 21 days with no limitations.Often it is necessary to update data in the company's Active Directory to reflect changes or structural updates to reflect the HR application.Using DS3 you can automate this process and reduce expensive and error prone rekeying as well as reducing the amount of individuals with access to the Active Directory and Human Resources applications.Clicking 'Synchronise' in the tool bar above the Results tree view will show the Synchronise Dialog.Clicking Start will now update the Active Directory with the details from the SQL Table. You can compare again and there should be no updates to make.

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