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The delivery address must not be a post office box.

states that the Directors of a company may appoint officers.

This may require the foreign corporation to change its name upon continuing into BC.

If you intend to use a specific name for your company, the name must be approved and reserved. The continuation application must be filed before the expiration of the 56 day period. If the foreign corporation continuing in is already registered as an extraprovincial company in BC, you must enter the registration number for that company.

The , section 120 states a company must have at least one director.Any translation of the company name that the company includes in its notice of articles must be set out with letters from the English alphabet.A translation of company name is not applicable to most companies.Confirmation of the registration in Alberta will be issued to the attorney in Alberta.To do business in Saskatchewan: Provided you used the Name Requests Online (NRO) system to request the Saskatchewan Name Search Report or entered the Saskatchewan name search information into NRO, you will be asked to enter information to request the registration or update of the BC company in Saskatchewan at the end of the Continuation Into BC filing.

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