Updating bios from cd Sexchat stickam

I replace the ones that come bundled with the updated version. The image files are 800x600, so they can look fuzzy on high-res screens. Bginfo then overlays additional information: This image below is pretty close to the default, after adding 2 of the items Mike Terrill blogged about, and one additional Item based on a TS Variable.

Download BGInfo In the x86 folder is where the templates and images files are located. Here is my current template after a few additional modifications, which I go into more detail below.

If you want to test the scripts, replace echo with wscript.echo, then remove the wscript before using in bginfo. They work fine in PE, and that was good enough for me, I don't need them to be fancy.

If you want to clean them up, be my guest, I basically found a template thanks to google and slightly modified to fit my needs.

Here are a few example WMI Queries: Note, WMIExplorer was really handy to dig around and find information that I wanted to display.\" & str Computer & "\root\cimv2") Set col Disks = obj WMIService.Exec Query _ ("Select * from Win32_Logical Disk Where Device ID = 'C:'") For Each obj Disk in col Disks size GB = Format Number(obj Disk.(Sorry, the default fonts are hard to see against the default black background) Once you launch the tool, go ahead and open STEP_02. If you click on “Background” you’ll see the name of the background file that is associated with the template: Step_02.bmp, which is located in the same x86 folder, as shown in the earlier pictures.At this point you can start to modify to get it how you like.

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