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If you want to upgrade the windows media player security component it might happen that the “upgrade” button is inactive. This will clear the cache and allow the IE to upgrade the Windows Media Player Security Component.

You will need this update to play protected songs, films or other digitally protected software. First of all, I would check if Active X is properly running because sometimes it’s not fully working. Make sure to access the site through your Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, because it simply won’t work.

Microsoft will then upgrade the security components of your digital media player to ensure that it runs with optimal security.

Progress Status: The security components have been upgraded successfully.

To play protected files, restart your digital media player.

If you cannot play protected files after restarting your digital media player, restart your computer.

Note: When you click Upgrade, your computer will connect to a Microsoft-operated Internet site and send information about your digital media player, including a unique hardware identifier.

The solutions above helped when the upgrade button was grayed out, but now when I try pushing the upgrade button I get the following error: Windows Media Player cannot connect to the server.Only in 2013, that's harder than ever before: every human being who carries a smartphone already has an incredibly easy-to-use miniature game console in their pocket at no added charge.Meanwhile, the gaming PC has gotten so powerful so quickly that it could be exorbitantly expensive for a console to deliver equally stunning graphics today.A license includes information that specifies the terms of use for the protected content.The terms of a license are decided by the content owner and can be customized to meet a variety of needs.

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