Updating electoral map

July Learn how and when to remove this template message The electoral register in Ireland is maintained by the local authorities and all residents that have reached 18 years of age in the state may register at the address in which they are 'ordinarily resident'.

Each November a draft register is published after house-to-house enquiries.

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A supplementary register is published which allows voters to make alterations usually change of address or becoming 18 years of age prior to voting day.

Some companies provide online searchable access to the edited register for a fee.

The organisations believe that the register should only be used for purposes related to elections and referendums and that the sale of voters' personal details is a practice that may discourage people from registering to vote.

Since 21 July the Commonwealth electoral roll cannot be sold in any format.

It has not been produced in printed format since , when it changed to publication on microfiche.

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