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Erg IQ will allow you to connect a compatible Connect IQ enabled device with a Concept2 rowing, Ski Erg, or Bike Erg machine.

The following is required for this to work:- supported Connect IQ enabled device, see supported device list;- Concept2 PM5 running FW v22.015/v156 or greater;** NOTE ** : Bike Erg pace is currently displayed as pace/500m same as with rowing...

I installed because it was the exact app recommended by Concept 2. I see many row-data apps on Connect IQ, but only one referred to by C2 on their support forums. I assume Garmin is to blame, but there must be a way.

Installation and pairing instructions are completely inadequate.

Essentially it is just as handy to take a photo with i Phone and store that for reference regarding improvement.

Surely an update can improve things so that it works as well as other garmin apps.

Google Chrome stopped supporting the plugin standard on which the Java plugin depends last year, and Mozilla has announced it will do the same by the end of the year.

Microsoft Internet Explorer still supports the standard, but the newer Microsoft Edge browser does not. Please update the firmware for your All Sync IQ and Remote Transmitter units.

I have found the first thing that has happened is I am driving slower. I wish the DC cable were a bit longer but overall this is the best radar detector I’ve ever owned (and I have had 6 so far). 1.3.3 : adding new devices1.3.2 : fixed saving dialogue1.3.1 : added FR645(M) support1.3.0 : added Descent Mk1 & Edge 1030 support, resolved IQ!error when exiting PM5 after not rowing1.2.2 : added vivoactive3 support1.2.1 : fixed connection notification1.2.0 : added Bike Erg and Edge 820 support1.1.0 : added D2C series support1.0.1 : fixed...To update your IQ software, follow the steps below.We have removed Java Applets from our Remote Connect with the release of Firmware V8.0.62.

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