Updating genius on ipod touch

Luckily, setting it up is just as easy as using it.

Here's a step-by-step guide to turning on i Tunes Genius.

This won't affect the music already added to your i Tunes Match account (i.e., it won't be deleted), but you won't be able to access it again until you turn Match back on and when you do i Tunes will have to spend some time re-connecting to Match and sending any new information about your library.

If you later decide that you want Match or Genius back, simply go to the Store menu and turn them on.

The Mac App Store has been redesigned from the ground up for mac OS Mojave, the company says, with a new sidebar that has Discover, Create, Work, Play, and Develop tabs.

Like on i Phone and i Pad, the Mac App Store will have articles written by Apple editors to showcase useful apps and games currently popular on the App Store.

If you're an i Tunes Match subscriber, things are a little bit more complicated.Every time you sync an i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch to your i Tunes library, i Tunes send Genius data to Apple.Sometimes this takes just a few seconds, but if you've got a lot of music or it's been a while sync you last synced, Genius sending that data can take time, causing syncing to take a long time, too (and I mean a Turning off Genius is usually pretty easy—unless you're using i Tunes Match, Apple's service that puts a copy of your music library in your i Cloud account and lets you keep music in sync across multiple devices.Restoring an i Pod Touch Restoring an i Pod Classic, Shuffle, Nano, and Mini Community Q&A Does your i Pod sometimes get so messed up that a simple restart won't fix it, and getting an appointment at the Apple Store will take 2 weeks—only to have some genius tell you that you need to restore your i Pod?Skip the wait, avoid the lines, and do it yourself. The i Pod Touch section will also work for any i Phone or i Pad.

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