Updating iphone software other computer

Once installed on your Mac, you'll be able to connect your Android phone to the Mac, and copy files from the device to the Mac.If you need to access and copy lots of data such as messages, music, contacts and photos from your i Phone to your PC, we recommend using Touch Copy.

If you are on a 8 GB or 16 GB i Phone, finding out what is Other on i Phone storage and removing it is an effective and fast way to free up space on your i Phone. It can store a lot of junk you don't need over time like temp files, scripts, and failed sync files.

Transferring files from your Android phone to a Mac can be a little more difficult.

For this type of transfer, we would recommend using Android File Transfer.

Phone Clean is an app that deletes all that junk for you.

There are many reasons you may want to transfer photos from your phone to your computer.

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