Updating pio card with new passport details

It seemed that they were still letting people in at 11.30 when I left.

Since my question re passport endorsement was answered but for a different scenario, I thought I would give my example.

Often considered the more “desirable” permit, the OCI Card conferred lifelong work, residence, and certain political benefits to former Indian citizens or foreign nationals whose parent or a grandparent held Indian citizenship.

First implemented in February 2005, the OCI Card served as India’s solution to offering a status close to that of dual citizenship (for which their constitution does not allow).

I did get PIO card in 2008, and my x entry Visa was still in my passport expiring in 2010.

There was no cancellation stamp or anything put on the Visa.

Regarding my situation - I'm not planning to travel until mid-Jan so no panic here.

Also I found this from the Chicago India Consulate website "In case the holder cannot spare time to get the endorsement done in the PIO card, due to urgent travel, he/she carry both, the new and the old passport, alongwith PIO card for smooth check in/out at immigration points." So it seems I am covered.

I renewed my passport a few months back whilst still in India sending it via diplomatic bag back to my home country. Oh, and I should add I didn't get to go to England after all. Hello, I hold a PIO card and I had to change my passport recently as it had expired.

I have now had my PIO card endorsed with new passport number by HCIL.

The fee is 7 and there is a special form to be filled (not available on their website, but they will send you one if you can get them to answer the telephone, and it has occurred to me that it may be available via the faxback service).

There is a special counter for PIO services on the ground floor (couner No 6)which wasn't busy, although previously I waited for 90 minutes on the first floor with a VISA queue ticket as instructed by the doorman, before being told this.

I arrived at India House 7.30 to find a long queue past Bush House and it took almost 2 hours to get inside.

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