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Before you go ahead and update VMware Tools on ESXi, I would suggest that you first try this out in a testing environment.

It is therefore important to keep the VMware Tools package up-to-date not only on the virtual machines running it but also on the ESXi hosts pushing it out.I have a question on how to update VMWare EXSI server when the v Sphere appliance is on the host server that needs to be updated.That is, I need to connect to the v Sphere Appliance in order to initiate the updates.In that case, the solution is to copy over the legacy VMware Tools package to the ESXi host or check the VMware site for a VMware Tools installer for the particular guest OS.The second question to is, where do I get the latest updated VMware Tools package from? Keep in mind that by the time this post is published, the link may have expired.

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