Updating web page without refreshing cute screen names for online dating

Every once and a while after I visit a website (such as and NASDAQ.com) when I go back to it old information comes up on the website. The only thing that solves the problem is running defrag, but only temporarily, as soon the issue will reoccur. The fact that defragging has an impact is completely mysterious.For instance, I went to a week ago and now every time I go the scores, news stories, stats, etc. Certain pieces of info on the website are current and sometimes clicking a link will bring up current info, but most is old. Let's look at what happens under the hood, what steps we would normally take to clear it up, and then make some guesses as to what else you might try.Each time you refresh the data, you see the most recent version of the information in the data source, including any changes that were made to the data.Security Note: Connections to external data may be currently disabled on your computer.This check box is under the Pivot Table Data section on the Data tab of the Pivot Table Options dialog box.

After I reinstalled Vista, I assumed the issue would go away.

The classic example is the image that is the logo at the top of every page of Ask Leo! Your browser will download it once and then keep it in the cache so that on each page that uses the exact same logo the browser doesn't need to download it again, it can simply use what's in the cache.

Now if I change the logo, say I update it with a new one, then the browser is supposed to notice that the image is newer than what it has, and update/replace the copy in its cache.

Optionally, you can save the workbook without saving the external data so that the file size of the workbook is reduced.

Note: To refresh the data when the workbook is opened for a Pivot Table report, you can also select the Refresh data when opening the file check box.

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