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Question: I recently purchased a new desktop preloaded with Windows Vista Home. Vista will become DRAMATICALLY more friendly and more like what you are used to. On top of that I even have a couple of peripherals left out in the cold because of a driver incompatibility issue with Vista. I\u0027ve decided that the best thing to do is go back to Windows XP because everything worked flawlessly on my old system--but how do I go about it? t get it to network properly with their other machines (especially XP machines), let me make these two suggestions:1. The same thing goes for peripherals, unless the manufacturer has a new driver for Vista.But after some frustrating moments of attempting to install and run a few of my favorite programs, I've realized that Vista just isn't playing nice and simply just won't run them! You will still have (if you had it before) access to ? What are all the necessary steps I need to take to get me going on my new machine with XP loaded on it? s a question with all of the responders face, which is whether to discuss options that might be physically possible but not legal. m going to take the approach of disclosing what is possible. ll leave the legal and moral issues to the attorneys and your conscience. So, before going to the heart of your problem, let me offer two suggestions to those people, although this is not your situation, and your reasons for wanting to go back to XP are far from cosmetic. Before giving up on Vista, right click the Vista start button and select the ? You can the manufacturer's website if the peripheral isn't functioning correctly.If not, use the Vista utility to make yourself a set of recovery disks and store them in a safe place. Best of luck.i bought the vists home premium cd it wont worm on my pc it any way i can get refunded i no it a cd if i cant use iton my cp it should be refinded as not my fault it wont work on my cp necwe had no proublem with all other windowers upgrade thanks for u help Dear Franklin: When you use the term 'Recovery CD', I am assuming you bought a PC with XP pre-installed and the manufacturer provided a CD specific to your PC.

Answer voted most helpful by our members: Title: Downgrading a new Vista system to XPFranklin, Well, your question (which I? Microsoft has made it impossible, without doing a lot of hacking, to use XP on two machines at once.

To fix this: Start / run / (start the group policy editor)Open the tree: Computer configuration / Windows Settings / Security Settings / Local Policies / Security Options Find the item: Accounts: Limit local account use of blank passwords to console login only If this item is enabled, you will not be able to logon to other computers on the network that have blank (zero-length) passwords. But, in fact I was able to get it installed and working at least seemingly perfectly simply by setting the scanner software? Now, on to your problem: How to install Windows XP on a system that came with Vista. To be legal, and to be certain of activating and passing all WGA tests, this needs to be either an ? bought new for this machine (never previously installed on any other computer), or a retail copy (full product, not upgrade) that either was never installed on any other computer, or that at least is not currently installed on any other computer. Can I use the system recovery disk from my old XP computer to replace Vista with XP on my new computer?? t care about the legalities, particularly if the two computers were made by the same OEM (e.g. Also, SOME Vista licenses, but not all of them, actually allow the Vista license to be ? and used to make XP installation legal, but even in these cases, they do not (and will not) supply either the XP install media or the XP product key. Some things that seem not to install under Vista on a first attempt can be installed if you use a ? , and\/or if you set the installation program and\/or the installed program to ? But, all that said, the first task at hand is to obtain a suitable copy of Windows XP that will allow installation, activation and passing all ? The next task is to find all of the necessary suitable drivers for XP. The best case is a model which, while now supplied with Vista, was at one time offered with XP.

You may see the computer, but will get a "you do not have permission ...." message if you actually try to access it. but sometimes, the XP drivers can be made to work under Vista anyway)). But in some cases it may be physically possible if you don? I actually recommend this for XP as well, which also as a ? IT IS ENABLED BY DEFAULTChange it to disabled This will fix a ton of network access problems on many home networks where no user account passwords are implemented3. For example, HP says that the software for the model 5470C and 5490C scanners is not and will never be Vista compatible (literally, their answer is ? And, finally, most computer technicians would know how to use an ? copy of XP, although in the situation that you describe, it would NOT be legal under the terms of the license agreement. And now that Vista has replaced XP in stores and at many computer dealers, that in and of itself is becoming increasingly difficult, unfortunately. t always work, especially when the chip is installed in a laptop.

Be sure you're dealing with a reputable reseller and that you get a copy which includes the Service Pack 2 upgrade.

If you have the original Windows Vista recovery disks, hold on to them.

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