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Salk, which he said would give "far, far better i results in stimulation of the 1 formation of anti-bodies." NEW YORK (API— The Dally News says former president Harry S. v i n-H mid gaoila C'aru* • I^ttla f 0U r busmen *itfc Brmting Phone J 4111, our representative I or bung your printing problem to wt • ill be happy to essut you Enquire Douglas Stree: and Broad Street offices GJnlmitist ^rintrra Quality Printing Smee 1881 263! 0 m 0 m Sizes to 16 11 1 | 0 Super Sale Special, each W V TELEPHO Clearance Garment Bags Regularly 2.39 to 4.59! l-ook what you save on when you shop during the Basement’s Big Super Sale .

Salk directly to doctor* and 1,500 to managed to fend off most of drug stores. pair 4 Men’s Gym Boots and Slippers * biting or gym hoots are In red.

Vaccine used in tests last year in the United States. Super Kale Special, each Women’s Cotton Slips Popular for summer wear! Pnntir* have ribbed knee band' Small, medium and large sizes in group. garment Women’s Orion ¥ Cardigans Beautiful soft, cardigan sweaters made from Orion* . 1 £Q 1 3 While eaaxnel flnlahcd lot tec eeat made of cootpogl Uwo end complete wlllt cover and hinga* Regularly ISA A QQ Hupei gale ftpenat. Made with throttle control on handle complete with rubber- # tired wheels and wooden rollers . He said there wax po evidence given a if you 1 e doubtful "f being tip to par begin to pick your -elf up. Canadian Legion will can use, It Is quite all right. Q.— Is It good usage for men to speak of wearing** “white tie" or “black tie' Amazing Mew 2-WAY V/SCOVEBY / 2660 1 SIZES 12 . Made ny the people who specialise in baby toods and nothing else. **ws nn button*, hlindatitrlii** hems, over- *«**m*.

Canada and Finland was officially judged safe, effective ami powerful Tuesday. Salk will receive no royal tie* from %alr* of tlw vaccine on which he worked long and tlreleaaly, according to United Prew. Get your vitamins, your rest and start l"day to give gome daily attention to finger- tips!

Victoria's charms may save It from a teacher shortage. In 1760 he launched The Nm AILY Rest Haven 'at Sidney) were different the need might not be r' great.** said Mr Desmond. Bedard is in hospital and may be there for several months. Soottl* to Chicogo for Wind*or, Toronto, London, Ontario N*w York ond Bottom Conodo o L CONT[ srs ° Nl »e f* l A COnf **f will #n . Probably few congregations pack their church audi- toriums with unfailing regularity, but in Victoria the church has nevertheless a strong hold and is a vital force In the life of the community. honor, have spent the larger portion of their lives here, and it has been from this city that their several contributions to society have been rendered. As teacher, principal, administrator and currently as deputy minister of education, he has devoted distinguished -service to improving the standard of education and the status of the teaching profession iu the province. I suppose from Its point of view Russia meant well when It walked In and absorbed Poland. That Is not to say however that Ihey should lie embraced holus- bolus by the giant. Neuncrger* concept of democracy is suspect when he Ls not prepared to leave a smaller nation to work out Its own destiny. Therein he exposes the reason for hi* annexation aims. YOU AYRD-VT 16 TURN Ur FACf WITHOUT TAK'HC A VOTE li TMl S A DEMOCRACY OR *S*T *T ? 3 40 3 *0 Ltrtn 'Bnulinatiil j jn l 44 4-S Alao *lr Chtnar Hunltra Onlen Tur- kl«h Oold Ouitar. and short' r trading bits* he debentur troublesome Inter During 1951 Federated rs and the guar; jsincv K Is a token barrel *s self satisfaction, 4**1 company sold 4,884.566 mef 31.388 barrel, of r line. Much of the groundwork for establishing the museum was done under the supervision of Cmdr. Mc Cully who re- cently turned over the chair- manship of the working board to Cmdr (’ II Little Volunteer curator i* II I* Cadieux, a master mariner em- ployed in HMC Dnrkyard as a harbor craft operator Mr. For quality, for economy, for dependability, « * A . Sandals Braeniore A beautiful, feminine vandal with slim, medium "Illusion'' heel and wide open toe.

That la the hope, at least, of John Gough, senior municipal inspector of schools, who said yesterday that a prediction of a serious British Columbia shortage In thp next few years appeared "statistically sound.” Hilda Cryderman, president, told the B. REr ORDED TEMPERATURES The Cairiie had depended on government support. "In the first place it ts a flretrap and In the second place they don't like the lood." he slated. are asked to attend a general meeting in the library room of the Pro Patrla Cana- dian Legion Branch Friday at S p.m. “It looks like the final answer in the preventive field.’* he said. Hi* barn and livestock were destroyed by fire a few days after his arrest. It must be remembered also that many services are broadcast by radio both locally and nationally, and for even*- celebrant in church there will be at least another among the shut-ins and those staying at home for one reason or another. All have long hern citizens in this area, and are widely known and respected Mr Mavhew, like Dr. In honoring those three men the Uni- versity of British Columbia will lie recognizing unusual talents in widely separate fields, hut alike in their fine con- tribution to society, Interpreting the Nona Victory over Polio By 4. ROBERTS Associated Press New* Analyst I T was V P Day. There are other facet* of life be- tides movies and motor cam, although the Oregon senator makes light of them, lie dismisses as “capricious" and ‘'rugging” such queries as: Where would be ihe capital of this unified new nation — Ottawa or Washington? " SCARCITY OF NEWSPAPERS te U Cofjvrigtt frf arruitf OMi MU Ltu Jtfoac Asafer International Commentary * The Crucial Step Taken L ET us be clear about it; old hurts die hard; and no one who knows modern history can be surprised tttai France has not found it easy to ac- cept German rearmament or Ger- man participation In defense of the free world. The net res/ add/a m Babaon’t Carvadlan Report* Limited Harbour Cumwoii Hdg. CT laror.4* I, Canada 2300 Eur»«a 3(31 y alciiiihrini- 7J70 Fm Olthri STOCK FE\Tf: R CONTI WES Toronto Stock Exchange members spent most of the holiday week end trying to clear up the pile of work result mg from nn unprecedente Trading In speculative Issues that accumu- , later! In it annual report the com- pany discloses gross revenues of 2 millions, up 2 mil lions from 1953. Kerr was also a member Funeral services will be held of ihe Victoria Women's In in Sands' Funeral Home at institute. Choice of nmooth black suede or glistening blue calf.

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