Validating performance improvement projecrts

Causal Analysis and Resolution Configuration Management Decision Analysis and Resolution Integrated Project Management Measurement and Analysis Organizational Process Definition Organizational Process Focus Organizational Performance Management Organizational Process Performance Organizational Training Product Integration Project Monitoring and Control Project Planning Process and Product Quality Assurance Quantitative Project Management Requirements Development Requirements Management Risk Management Supplier Agreement Management Technical Solution Validation Verification The purpose of this generic practice is to define the organizational expectations for the process and make these expectations visible to those members of the organization who are affected.In general, senior management is responsible for establishing and communicating guiding principles, direction, and expectations for the organization.

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In particular, this policy establishes organizational expectations for use of process performance measures, baselines, and models.The comparisons may evaluate progress in achieving given goals or targets, assess trends in performance over time, or weigh the performance of one organization against another (Poister, 2003).The Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (GPRA) established the requirement for performance measures to assess how well departments and agencies are achieving their stated goals and objectives.This policy establishes organizational expectations for establishing and maintaining a set of standard processes for use by the organization, making organizational process assets available across the organization, and establishing rules and guidelines for teams.This policy establishes organizational expectations for determining process improvement opportunities for the processes being used and for planning, implementing, and deploying process improvements across the organization.

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