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Welcome to a taste of your own medicine in each other.It can work but, after years of chart readings, it’s a 50/50 from us to you both on this one.As opposites, you’ll want to avoid questioning each other’s commitment and, if you must, make sure you asked the right questions.You both really have a well-hidden lust for power and the dark side of life that you usually have to modestly hide from others, but that isn’t necessary with each other.Rather than owning your fears, you tend to make your relationship suffer for it instead.If he hasn’t achieved all he’d scheduled for the day, he can sabotage their relationship by reasoning “I’m not where I want to be in life – I don’t want to hold you back”.This is a basic quality you’ll find in almost every Virgo woman, which attracts men’s of all sun signs especially a Pisces.

With opposite signs, there’s a natural struggle to accept their own individual selves – let alone accept one another.That means most of what makes a successful relationship is left to chance or, in other words, giving yourself over to blind faith (and the unknown) that the other person cares just as much as you do.Sure, Virgo, you have tangible ways in which you both can meet each other needs and SHOW you care – but it takes blind faith to spell out your needs to one another (especially in long-term relationships – where needs change) in the first place, rather than hoping your partner will simply just guess or “know you” by now.Figure out how strong your Mercury leads your Virgo’s chart; and how strong your Neptune leads your Pisces’ chart.Both Mercury and Neptune rule Virgo and Pisces only by the day, so if you are dating a Pisces or Virgo born at night, the energy throughout their chart can be spread very differently to what’s typically written about either of these signs in love.

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