Virtual cam chat bot

As we saw with Therachat, helping the therapist in treating the patient is itself a big step.A mental health crisis and lack of infrastructure might make bots our saviors.ell me, how does this sound: local weather updates, info on your flight, the latest news and much more all available in one place. Only you and a program that can understand and respond to certain phrases. In today’s world, the best way for a company to reach its consumer is through social platforms. Well, the coolness increases as there are no humans involved.According to an Oracle infographic, 90% of businessesuse Facebook to respond to service requests.

Then responded with certain keywords from a list of pre-programmed responses.

You'll be hearing a lot more about bots soon, so here's an overview.

Is a fake conversation better than just clicking buttons?

Instead, what we might end up getting is a bunch of bots that help with different disorders. AI’s like Deep Blue and Alpha Go are far better at playing games than humans.

But the same human that plays Chess can also play Go. A bot that could clean everything from clothes to dishes to the carpet.

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