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All three rounds are against an extreme STR Frieza.Rounds 1 and 2 are only 1 bar of health, and round 3 is three HP bars.LR Frieza, when he launches a super ATK, will do around 30k damage.

Strike Event characters, for example, are free to join the battle.Also, try to leverage your HP so that you can utilize Whis’ passive, as that saves you on HP items.If played right, you will need to use only 2 Senzu Beans, and maybe one Oolong (TEQ).With a max level of 150 and with multiple stages of an insanely powerful super attack, it’s almost like Dokkan Battle is saying “Sure, one of the best characters is free, but good luck getting him!” The trickiest part to obtaining LR Frieza in Dokkan Battle will be having the appropriate characters that are allowed.

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