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The user has to go hunt the various features and they don't send too many push notifications either.

You have to really know the ins and outs of it to know where to access some of the features.

We Chat actually feels very light and has a way better UI than Whats App and Facebook Chat - though they rather slowly now copy it from We Chat.

Crazy times, as now US has to copy the Chinese competition which is now like 2-3 years ahead.it's ahead only if you think those markets are comparable, people outside China don't desire this functinality since they have many other good options, people in China has horrible options so We Chat looks actually pretty good to them and they use additional functionality on top of chat/wall I lived in China since beginning of growth of We Chat and could see it in front of my eyes, in beginning it was very simple messenger and they kept growing userbase and adding more and more functionality, though you end up being locked in in their ecosystem, as was mentioned taobao links are blocked and those options under Wallet section are mostly not the best value, so I pretty much avoided those added functionality.

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Google is in the same arena but we have several strong competitors for most of their products at least. Allen Zhang (Founder of We Chat) was the author of once popular desktop email client: Foxmail, and later Tencent acquired it, Zhang refactored a new version of web mail on com.In order to support Microsoft Exchange protocol, Zhang and his team reversed engineered it, this was later the foundation of Wechat's binary protocol design, in Zhang's words, it's magnitudes faster and robust than your XMPP copycat.Some of the other features that you might not use every day (like paying utility bills, topping up mobile) are in a separate ' Wallet' section which actually looks a bit like the Alipay app. Alipay is a big competitor of Tencent Pay and bigger than We Chat Pay.Also though the app supports so many features and services, it has a really simple UI.

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